A story of freshness

Meet laura

A Bit of you was created with the inpiration of all my family, my beautifuly treasures, my kids, we've been laughing, teasing each other, while we were trying to find the business name, so my son came out with the name A Bit of You, and all was agreed and then make short cut name as ABU, that in our language means abuela, in english grandmother, for me was the great choice, as the name means for me everything I have in my life, my kids and my grandchilds.

Looking forward to start with this challenge of my life and my dreams that one day will be working for me, at this time of my life won't be any impediment to persue my goals, therefore here I'm to offer my services for all of you out there who needs a nice look and wearing what you deserve.






P.O.Box 179 Edensor Park NSW 2176 Australia

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